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Flood Response

We have been active in advocating science-based approaches to stream management for many years in the Catskills.  Regardless of one’s political persuasion, whether you hold elective office or are just an everyday citizen, reoccurring recent massive mega storms have caused the realization that we need an effective science-based approach to protect residents’ safety, business livelihoods, and the environment in unison. We should wisely invest tax dollars needed to restore storm devastation prudently, and not just replace the failed infrastructure with something that is exactly the same which was unsuccessful the last time.

Our chapter’s pioneering embracement of science-based methods, and their evaluation, has allowed geomorphology to flourish regionally as well as develop stream restoration efforts in our area that have stood the test of time surviving these massive storms. Our goal is to see that work continued regionally and nationally.

We support this proven approach, which will save tax dollars and protect our water resources, as well as public safety. We believe that recent mega storms are an opportunity to make fundamental changes in how we respond to these incidents on a state and national level, now and in the future.  As we know, work in streams affects not only that site but also the areas above and below it. With ongoing stream restoration in multiple locations year after year, a complicated patchwork occurs without oversight and watershed level solutions in place. We are all stakeholders in this process and history has proven that the best science should be the gold standard applied.

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